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Majidon Food Festival in Minami Uonuma

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The new rice is being harvested at the moment so all the restaurants are full of diners enjoying this year’s koshihikari rice. There is also a food festival taking place at the moment which runs until the end of February, that takes advantage of this famous product from the region.

52 restaurants are taking part and each offers a large sized meal served on rice. The festival is called Majidon. Head over to this site to check out the guide book, and prepare for your mouth to water. The photos are amazing and if you are like us, you know that choosing just one is almost impossible.


At the back of the guide are maps and details for the restaurants. The maps cover the Muikamachi area, the Shiozawa area, and the Yamato area. We’ve already tried a few of the offerings and have many more on our list that we want to check off.

Happy dining!



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