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Traditional or Modern Style Ryokan...?

One of the joys of the selection of the ryokan featured on Timeless Yukiguni is the sheer variety. Each establishment has its own character, style, and the stories behind them. Learning these stories can really bring a place to life.

Trying to categorize the different places is no easy task, though this variety does mean that there really is something for all tastes.

Some of the ryokan offer accommodation that is much the same as it was over a hundred years ago. At these, the sense of history is everywhere. Wooden buildings with sturdy beams to survive under the heavy snow were the norm. It takes dedication to be the steward of such an old building. Any new additions or repairs have to take into account the appearance of the building, as well as the fact that traditional materials and construction methods may not be so common in this modern era. There are often guests who have been coming to a certain ryokan for many years who would hate to see any changes to their beloved accommodation.

Original beams at Hoshi Onsen Chojukan that still bear the marks of the tools that shaped them.

Another style choice is to take the best of the old and combine it with modern comforts which can lead to some beautiful design choices.

Many of the ryokan in Timeless Japan have been in the same family for generations. Often there are drawings and photos of the original establishment before they underwent modernization. Old photos on the walls and in books around the ryokan of the region offer a fascinating insight into the past.

Finally if out-and-out modern is your thing there are recently built ryokan or those that have been extensively refurbished which incorporate the highest levels of comfort.

The modern styling of the rooms at Tamakiya in Matsunoyama Onsen

No matter where you choose to stay, any of the properties in Timeless Yukiguni will offer a wonderful experience and a chance to learn about this fascinating part of Japan.


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