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YUKIGUNI offers a TIMELESS experience.

The ability to survive in the Yukiguni area owed much to those that came before. When the Jomon people started to settle in certain places and abandon their wandering ways, it is believed that this enabled the knowledge of older people to be passed on more effectively.

The transfer of knowledge between generations has been a key to survival and flourishing, and this knowledge is still visible in many forms around the region. Timeless Yukiguni is discovering places that are keeping this knowledge and culture alive. The style of building and the materials used. The cuisine and the way it has been adapted to the unique environment. The traditional ingredients that have sustained life through the ages. The crafts and skills that were once vital to survival. The ways of life and community that have nourished the people who have made this region home.

All the ryokans in Timeless Yukiguni are contributing to keeping this knowledge alive and hopefully inspiring the future generations to continue passing these traditions on. They are all unique, and putting them in categories is no easy feat, but a visit to any of them is a treat and a chance to learn.

The Comfort section gives a glimpse of some of the highlights of a stay at these Japanese ryokans. All the places to stay are some of the top accommodations in the region and the hospitality and warmth will delight.

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