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Undiscovered Japan

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

There are several places in Japan that are on most people’s “must visit” lists. There are many, many more places deserving of time and attention that are so far unknown. Undiscovered Japan is a new project to boost tourism to some of the regions of the country that have something special to offer.


Number 5 on the map just happens to be the Snow Country Tourism Zone. It is a quick introduction to the area but emphasizes the long traditions and deep winters that have made the area what it is today. Many of the patterns of life that are still evident today come from times when preserving food in autumn was a necessity in order to survive.


There are also a couple of experience tours on the Snow Country Tourism Zone page that give an insider’s view of life in the area. Take a tour of some of the local sights of interest and then help some of the elderly residents with their winter preparation while listening to their tales of the long winters. The tours are a very relaxed affair with all aspects being available if you want, or you can relax while doing your own thing.

The Snow Country Region is special in winter, but it is also an interesting place for the rest of the year, especially when you understand more about the history, traditions and culture.


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