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The Traditions and Cultures of a Unique Region of Japan


In Japanese yukiguni means snow country and is an area where vast amounts of snow falls. Yukiguni is now associated with an area spanning Niigata, Gunma, and Nagano Prefectures known as the Snow Country Tourism Zone where the cultures have been shaped over the ages by those snows. As one winter ends, the preparations for the next one begin. Since humans started to create settlements in one location over eight thousand years ago they have chosen to live in the Yukiguni area. The snow has always brought challenges, but also provided opportunities and blessings. Many outsiders look at the sometimes harsh climate and wonder why people chose to settle here. Life here is part of a cycle delineated by the seasons and each generation has learned how to adapt while using knowledge from those that came before.

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An Invitation into the Locals' Yukiguni

The traditions of hospitality have always been strong in the Yukiguni area. Timeless Yukiguni have selected some of the most outstanding places to stay. They all embody something unique about the area and are providing amazing service that draws inspiration from the past generations. They are using that knowledge to pass on the culture of this unique region to those that will come after them. Everywhere that you look there is a chance to learn from the past. These are the stories that weave the influences of the past into the comfort of the present and future. Truly timelss.


Hoshionsen Chojukan

Historical ryokan which is a special kind of hidden onsen deep in a valley in Minakami which has an amazing atmosphere from a different era.



Hidden onsen ryokan out in the nature of the mountains in Yuzawa which retains a wonderful sense of history.


Ryokan Tanigawa

Classic ryokan in Minakami which conducts great views of Mount Tanigawa and the valley in which it stands.



Chic, design hotel in Minami Uonuma which has recently undergone an extensive renovation and blends a building contructed of old beams with modern interior design.


Satoyama jujo

Boutique ryokan in Minami Uonuma inspired by the local culture, organic food, design, and art.



Intimate ryokan in Minakami that prides itself on the quality of its traditional cuisine.



Ryokan overlooking Yuzawa whose existence dates back to the discovery of its onsen spring in the middle of the mountains.



A modern style ryokan in Matsunoyama Onsen that prides itself on its Michelin-starred kitchen and sommelier service.



A modern style ryokan in Matsunoyama Onsen that prides itself on its Michelin-starred kitchen and sommelier service.


Bettei Senjuan

Stylish, modern ryokan in the nature of Minakami that stands at the base of Mount Tanigawa



Modern style ryokan in the heart of Yuzawa that stays true to its roots as a refuge for travelers.


Hinanoyado Chitose

Traditional style ryokan in Matsumoyama with a famous outdoor bath that acts as a gateway to the history and culture of the region.


nformation center

Yukiguni kankosha

2431-1 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata


We'll coordinate your TIMELESS YUKIGUNI experience.

Accommodation and activity reservations. We can introduce you to the best of the Yukiguni area and coordinate a variety of experiences during your stay.


The Yukiguni Area

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