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Tokamachi Stone Sculptures

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

There are many good reasons to visit Tokamachi – great soba, interesting museums, its long textile heritage, and fun festivals. No matter what reason you have for being there, you should check out the stone carvings that have been dotted all over the town. With the Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale on its doorstep, it is fitting that Tokamachi has such a dedication to all things artistic.

Tokamachi Stone Carving

We had a fun day with a bunch of children wandering around the main streets of Tokamachi hunting down the different sculptures. There are lots to discover and plenty of interesting little shops and cafes in between.

Tokamachi Stone Sculpture

One of our personal favorites was the Jomon Period man outside the central parking.

Tokamachi Stone Jomon Man


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