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Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Just off Bokushi Dori in Shiozawa, behind a park which is a big hit with the little ones, is the Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum. The museum is a beautiful, spacious building with high wooden beams (with amazing joints) that was built in 1989. It celebrates the life and times of the writer Suzuki Bokushi who was born in Shiozawa in January 1770. His writings such as Hokkuetsu Seppu and Akiyama Kiko did much to spread knowledge of this area to other parts of Japan. They are well worth a read to this day.

His family were cloth merchants so part of the museum is also given over to the textiles Ojiya Chijimi and Echigo Jofu which have been recognised by UNESCO as items of intangible cultural heritage.

Unfortunately taking photographs is prohibited inside the establishment so for an idea of what you are in for when you visit you will need to have a look at the main webpage. It is a small, but fascinating museum, and at 500 yen for a visit, is a good side trip if you happen to be on Bokushi Dori.

Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum


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