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Snow Country Tours on Snow Japan

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Snow Japan is the leading resource for information about all things snow in Japan. There are daily snow reports, travel guides and hundreds of pages of information about ski resorts and the like. The Snow Country region is well represented with each of its many ski resorts having its own pages. There is also now a page featuring the other tours available in Snow Country.

As we have mentioned before the Snow Country Region is a great place to come if you are looking to experience life in an area that usually gets meters of winter snow. The traditions, culture and way of life here are very different from other areas and have in many ways been shaped by the big snowfalls. Skiing and snowboarding are not the only ways to enjoy the winter, and more and more programs are appearing that give you a glimpse into the region and let you enjoy experiences involving the famous Japanese snow.

Currently the snowshoe tour in Daigenta, Yuzawa and the kamakura experience are featured in English. There are a few other tours available in Japanese and plenty more on the way.

Check out the page here –

Snow Country Experiences


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