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Ryuugakubo Pond

Ryugakubo is a stunningly beautiful little lake up on the plateau just outside of Tsunan. It is filled with spring water, and so much of it flows into the pond each day that it is incredibly clear. It was selected as one of the top 100 remarkable waters of Japan by the Ministry of Environment, and visiting there it is easy to see why.


From the car park you approach the lake through a path along the woods. There is some spring water gushing from a dragon’s head along the way. The lake itself is really clear. A wood chip path around the edge takes you to a small shrine next to the spring source that keeps replenishing the waters. It is a really serene place with beautiful views and nothing but the sound of birds and insects to break the stillness. With a couple of viewing points around the lake there are some great places to take photographs.

There is an ancient legend about a dragon from which the lake takes its name, and with the amount of nature all around it is one of those sites that will offer a spectacular stage from which to view the changing of the seasons.


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