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“Najomon” Jomon Period Museum

Najomon is a marvelous museum facility in Tsunan town just off Route 117. It has masses of information about the Naeba-sanroku Geopark area, agriculture, and Jomon history. It is all about learning, and also offers some different workshops that allow you to experience some local skills and traditions, such as making sweets, weaving, and being artistic making sculptures with nuts and twigs.


The museum itself has displays of earthenware discovered in the region, as well as many other artifacts that have been dug up from different periods. There are skeletons from some of the local types of wildlife, giant tree roots that can be climbed, and information/explanations on other points of interest like the material Angin.


The grounds of Najomon are also great fun. There are some Jomon period shelters that have been recreated; warm in winter yet able to bear the weight of the heavy winter snow that falls in the area, and cool in summer. One of our favorite items was the mammoth whose shaggy coat was made from bits of local cedar trees.


It is a great facility. There is not much in the way of English language explanations but it is still worth a visit even if you can’t read the information.


Najomon Website (in Japanese)


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