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Tempura Flowers

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

One of the joys of living in Japan is the sheer variety of food. Out in the countryside in regions like Snow Country there is an abundance of local, seasonal cuisine, and today we stumbled across a stunning example.

By the side of the road that leads to Oyu Onsen is a small farmhouse. The living room has a few low tables, and there is an open irori hearth in the centre of the tatami.


The menu is simple with a few generous set dishes. We opted for the tempura selection which included about 20 different varieties of flowers, plants, fish, and other delicacies we couldn’t identify with confidence. It doesn’t get much more seasonal and local than this, as everything is picked within walking distance of the kitchen.


There were a whole host of different flavours and all were delicious even if you didn’t know exactly what you were eating. There were plenty of other dishes to enjoy as well.


The whole meal was washed down with wild mint water which also had a wonderful flavour.


Irorijinen Restaurant might be a bit off the beaten track but is worth travelling to find. Enjoy an amazing countryside meal and then soak in the spring waters of Oyu Onsen.


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