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Snow Country Gastronomy

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The food culture in Snow Country has been shaped by weather and environment to produce a very distinct cycle. After a long winter buried in snow living off preserved foods that have been stocked in the previous year, the arrival of the first new green shoots is almost like a miracle. Even today the locals get very excited by sansai season.

Living off the land, either hunting, foraging, or growing your own food as also been an important factor in the region, and there are a large amount of artisan producer still using traditional techniques.

There are several tours around that allow you to get a behind the scenes look at Snow Country Gastronomy. They are all the more fun as you often have the chance to sample some of the amazing produce too.

Have a look at this video of one of the gastronomy tours on offer in Snow Country, or further details of one of the foraging tours here.

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