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Flavors of Gastronomy Tourism

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The new rice is coming in and the mushrooms are coming out. Right now is an amazing time for enjoying food before the winter snows arrive. So we thought it would be nice to remind everyone of the gastronomy tours in the region. One of our favourites involves foraging for mushrooms in the local forests, checking out a traditional shop that has been making pickles the same way for a hundred years (and really feels like stepping back in time), and then turning all the ingredients you collected that day into a fine dining experience with the head chef of one of the local ryokan. Sit back and enjoy your creations in a private dining room accompanied by locally produced sake and wine.

Whet your appetite with the intro movie to the tour on this Snowcountry Gastronomy video.

Snow Country Gastronomy Dining

You can also check out some previous posts on foraging for traditional local staples such as mushrooms, bamboo shoots, or our trip on the above gastronomic adventure.

Food, glorious food!

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