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Snow Country Trail

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Hiking in Japan is a pleasure. It is a country of outstanding natural beauty, and the big changes between seasons means that the views are constantly offering variations.

There are many great hikes in Snow Country for all levels, from strolls through beautiful woods to ascents of some of Japan’s most famous peaks. One project that is highlighting the hiking in the area is the Snow Country Trail.


The whole course is a long trail multi-day hike around the 7 towns/3 prefectures of the Snow Country Region. It’s around 280km in total. Don’t be put off by the length of it though, as it can be broken up into much smaller chunks – you do not have to commit to the whole thing at once.

There is some fabulous scenery on the way with the trail taking in a wide range of mountains, woods, towns, rice fields and temples along the way. It also makes a point of swinging past some onsen so you can enjoy a soothing bath after a day of exertion on the trail.

Check out some of the great hiking options on the website or you can get some inspiration for the Snow Country Trail on the gallery page.


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